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Byrnes Jewellers

Byrnes Jewellers

Our Services

Custom Design:

A significant proportion of the we sell is made and designed by us. Should you wish to commission a bespoke able to offer suggestions and ideas on style and suitability. Bespoke engagement and wedding rings are particularly popular.

You may have your own design in which case we will quote and offer practical tips as necessary. Once we have agreed upon a design, we will show you a choice of gemstones before we start work. Once we will take a deposit and contact you your design is are looking for design inspiration we can help. Years of design experience coupled with a significant design library are the catalysts that will set you on your way to creating a masterpiece that is uniquely you to visit our store and sit with us. Together we can create a design as individual as you.


If you have broken or damaged and are looking for a repair service, we can help. full range of professional repair services that make it easy for you to once again experience the pleasure of wearing your precious

- Restorations
- Repair
- Cleaning and Polishing
- Alterations
Our repair service is competitively priced while maintaining the utmost quality of craftsmanship. This has enabled us to build a reputation for quality and value. Whatever your repair, rest assured we can help. We invite you to visit our store for an obligation-free quote.

Restoration, Remodelling and Remakes:

Jewellery has been used, not only for adornment, but to commemorate life’s milestones for centuries. Whether worn daily or just for special occasions, whether a gift, a personal purchase or an heirloom, will, over time, wear and require the attentions of a skilled - You may choose to have that heirloom restored to its former glory – we can help.
- You may choose to have that dated or unwanted item remodelled or remade. We can help. We use your existing gemstones to create a completely new setting, to create a design of your choosing. For example, we can remodel a ring into a brooch, pendant or earrings.
We can source replacements for missing or lost gemstones or match a gemstone for and size. We will also re-cut or polish an existing stone. To discuss your contact us and make an appointment. We treat all items left with us with extreme care and all items are fully covered by our insurance whilst in our care.


We offer a written valuation service. Valuations are very important should you lose or have your precious jewellery items stolen. Valuations give excellent detail such as carat gold, stone size(s), quality of gems, and weights of pieces. They also give insurance companies proof of ownership.

Watch Repairs

We specialise in quality watch repairs, servicing all local brands at competitive prices. Batteries for most local quartz watches are in stock. We take pride in the skill of our highly trained watchmakers, who regularly work on both cutting edge and vintage timepieces.

Despite advances in technology, modern watches still require upkeep, battery and capacitor replacement, rubber gaskets, watch band replacement, glasses, winders, the list goes on. Be assured that the utmost care will be taken with your precious timepiece. Visit us today for a new battery, free repair estimate or, better yet, a brilliant new timepiece for your collection.